Why Linked Data?

The key benefits:

  1. datasets are merged automagically

    Data sets before the merge:

    data before the merge

    And after the merge:

    data after the merge

    result: more data, new information

  2. new data can be inferred

    The field values with the blue background are inferred from the asserted data.


    result: more data, new information

  3. using a well known API and paradigm

    result: do not have to learn new APIs

  4. reuse data available on the web

    result: reuse data instead of managing them.

    Example: The BBC uses the data from MusicBrainz at the BBC Music website to provide users of the site with more details about the artists and albums featured, without having to manage this information themselves.

  5. Linked data allows for new ways of exploring and querying data.

Video: 5 benefits of Linked Data