Presenting Linked Data for human consumption

Linked Data are primarily aimed at consumption by machines. However our experience tells that people might not be forgotten.

This is the reason why we always include a human rendition of the data, putting a lot of emphasis on advanced navigation and discovery possibilities using state of the art visualisation techniques.

Faceted navigation

Faceted navigation allows the users to navigate the data set by progressively selecting desired facets of the information items.

faceted navigation

Set-based navigation

Set-based browsing lets the user traverse a data set moving from a set of things to a related set of things rather than from one single thing to one single other thing.

I can for example start my search for cultural "periods and styles" of the 18th century in Northern Europe. Once I defined this set, I can pivot to the cultural heritage artefacts belonging to these styles and periods

Path finding

We allow you to discover relationships between entities.

Relationship Finder


We try to present data in the most optimal form.

Using timelines:


Using maps:


Using charts:


Using network graphs:

network using Gephi